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The Nebraska State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC) is comprised of Nebraska Emergency Alert System (EAS) stakeholders.

The committee’s primary responsibility is to create and maintain the Nebraska State EAS Plan. This plan must be approved by the Federal Communications Commission’s Homeland Security and Public Safety Bureau, the Nebraska Public Safety Communications Council (NPSCC), and the Nebraska SECC before it becomes effective. The Nebraska SECC has no responsibility over Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) through cellular phones or alerts sent via FEMA (IPAWS) through the internet.

The SECC meets quarterly and creates and disseminates the Nebraska Required Monthly EAS Test schedule each year. It is also an informational resource for broadcasters, cable companies, and all other EAS participants in Nebraska.

SECC’s are required by the Federal government in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Part 11 which are the regulations governing EAS. SECC’s are not funded by the Federal government and rely on voluntary participation and contributions by EAS stakeholders in each State.

Nebraska is fortunate to have very active participation by radio and TV broadcasters, the Nebraska Broadcast Association, Cable TV interests, the Nebraska State Patrol, Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, the National Weather Service, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications, and county level Emergency Managers. There are SECC’s in every State and Territory of the United States and each are made up in such a way as to serve that State’s particular needs.

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